Training Plans

Marathon Training Plan (click to enlarge):

Marathon Training Plan


Half Marathon Training Plan (click to enlarge):

Half Plan


  1. It is highly recommended to have run at least 30 miles per week for a month prior to starting these training plans. Starting training for a half or full marathon without a base will likely lead to injury.
  2. Easy means EASY. You should be talking during them without breathing heavily. You shouldn't even really break a sweat. Those easy runs are not where you make your gains. They are mileage padding runs. They're like the glue between the workouts. They are also key to helping you recover between workouts and staying loose for the next one. If you go hard on those days, you're just stealing from your workout and long run energy, putting unnecessary stress on your legs before workouts, and increasing risk of injury.
  3. Go ahead come up with your own workouts for workout days! Just try to stick to the total workout mileage, though.
  4. Feel free to switch the days around to better suit your schedule. For example, if Club Running track workouts fall on Monday's and Wednesday's instead of Tuesday's and Thursday's switch it up! Make sure you get easier days between harder workouts, though.