See the practice schedule  page for the most up to date information on weekly practices during the season. Fall (XC) Season Practices In the fall during cross country season our team meets at Cabot Quad (the grassy area outside of Cabot & Richards Hall) for practice at 6pm Monday-Friday. During a typical week we have two days dedicated to workouts, and two easy run out days. Workouts are typically held on the Fens track, along the esplanade, or on  the Jamaica plain Riverway. Fridays are fun Fridays, where we typically play frisbee in Fens. On run out days we run around and explore the city of Boston! See our popular runs page for some of our most common run outs. Spring (Track) Season Practices During the “spring” (winter)  season we have practice Monday-Thursday, with practices held at Cabot Quad (like in the fall) and at the Reggie Lewis Indoor Track Facility. A typical week consists of two workout days and two runout days. During this season we are preparing for both indoor and outdoor track meets. Practice times at Reggie Lewis will vary depending on when the facility is open, so make sure to check the practice schedule for the week!