Mile to 3k Training Plan

18-24Easy5-10x steep hillsEasy5-4-3-2-1 min fartlek (with next rep rest)EasyEasyLong run/off
25-31Easy6-8x400m @mile pace (90s rest) + 4-6x200m @800 paceEasy6-8x ~400m hills (jog down recovery)EasyEasyLong run/off

1-7Easy3mi tempo + 4x200 hard Easy4x400, 4-8x200, 4x400 (all 800-mile pace, 90s after 400s, 60s after 200s)EasyEasyLong run/off* choose whichever is your main focus
8-14Easy4-5x (200, 200, 400) (hard, with 60s rest between reps)Easy2x800m, 2x600m, 2x400m, 2x200m (equal rep jog rest, all mile pace, progressing to 800m pace)EasyEasyLong run/off
15-21Easy8x400 @mile pace (1min Rest)Easy6x (3min on, 2min off) + 4x (1min hard, 1min off)Easy1 mile or 3k time trialLong run/off
22-28Easy6x800 @3k pace (400 jog rest)Easy10x300 @800 pace (60-90s rest)EasyEasyLong run/off
MAR 1-7Easy5x1k @5k (2min rest)Easy5x600 @mile (90s rest) + 5x300 @mile (60s rest)EasyEasyLong run/off
8-14Easy2-4x mile tempo (2min rest) +4-6x200Easy8x200m tune upEasy4 x Mile RelayLong run/off* choose whichever is your main focus
15-21Easy4-5x (200, 200, 400) (hard, with 60s rest between reps)Easy4x1200 @5k (2min rest) + 4x200EasyEasyLong run/off
22-28Easy4x800m (2min rest) +4x400m (1min rest) @mileEasy4x400 @mile, mile @5k, 4x400 @mile (90s after 400s, 2min after mile)EasyEasyLong run/off
APR29-4Easy6x400m @race pace + 4x200m at closing speedEasy8x200m tune upEasy1 mile or 3k raceLong run/off* choose whichever is NOT your main focus
5-11Easy1-2x (800, 4x400, 800) @mile (2min after mile, 90s after 400)Easy2-4x1k @3k (3min jog rest) + 4x400 @mile (1min rest)EasyEasyLong run/off
12-18EasyEasy3xmile at 5k pace (2min rest) + 4x200 at mile paceEasy + stridesEasy + stridesMAIN RAXELong run/off
19-25EasyEasyEasyEasyEasyScavenger HuntLong run/off