Half/Full Marathon Training Plan

JAN 4-10Easy5-8x (3min on, 2min off) fartlekEasyLongish progression run from easy pace to HMPEasyEasy/offLong run
11-17Easy6-10x ~400m hills (jog down recovery)EasyLonger run with ~60% of the run at goal MPEasyEasy/offLong run
18-24Easy8-10x 400m hill (up @10k, down @MP)Easy1-2x (5-4-3-2-1) min fartlek @HMP (with next rep rest)EasyEasy/offLong run
25-31Easy4-6 x 1000 @10k (90s rest)Easy2x2mile @HMP (3min jog rest) + 1mile @10kEasyEasy/offLong run
FEB 1-7Easy4-5x (1200m @10k (2min rest), 400m @5k (1min rest)Easy[optional: 5mi@ HMP (5min jog), 4mi@HMP (4min jog),] 3mi @HMP (3min jog), 2mi @HMP (2min jog), 1mi @HMPEasyEasy/offLong run
8-14Easy3x4mi @MP (1-2mi easy rest)Easy6-7mi tempo (MP-HMP)EasyEasy/offLong run
15-21Easy5-6xmile progressing from HMP to 10k pace (2min rest)Easy8x400m @10k (60s rest)Easy10k RaceLong run/off
22-28Easy3-5x1k @8k (2min rest) + 4-6x400 @5k (1min rest)Easy2x3mi @HMPEasyEasy/offLong run
MAR 1-7Easy4xmile @10k (2min rest) + 4x400 @5k (1min rest)Easy4mi @MP (1mi easy) + 1-2x2mi @MP (1mi easy)EasyEasy/offLong run
8-14EasyEasy2mile @HMP +2-3xmile @HMPEasy + stridesEasyHalf Marathon Race or 4 XMileEasy/off
15-21EasyEasy if raced past weekend; 5-8xmile @HMP (90s rest) if no raceEasyLong run with 6mi@MP, 1mi@HMP, 6mi @MP along with warm-up and cool down milesEasyEasy/offLong run
22-28Easy2-4x2mi @HMPEasy4-6mi @MP +2mi @HMP (straight through)EasyEasy/offLong run
APR29-4Easy2-3x (2k @HMP, 1k @10k) (2min rest)Easy6-8mi tempo @MP with last mile @10kEasyEasy/offLong run
5-11Easy5x1k @10k (2min rest) + 5x200 @5k (30s rest)Easy3-4mi @MP, 3-4min rest, 800m @10kEasyEasy/offLong run*Start Taper
12-18Easy3xmile at 10k pace (2min rest) EasyEasy + stridesEasy + stridesMAIN RACEEasy/off* marathon or half marathon
19-25EasyEasyEasyEasyEasyScavenger HuntLong run/off
*obv, adjust if you have a race scheduled for a specific date
*rearrange week according to your preference
*may combine long run with the longer hard workout session of the week