Club Policies

Standards Club Running does not hold tryouts. Before joining Club Running you should be able to run a minimum of 3 miles at 9 minute per mile pace. This policy is to ensure that runners are not left behind on runs.   Race Scratches If you either fail to show up for a race you signed up for or scratch yourself from a race you have signed up for after signups are due without a valid reason such as personal injury or family emergency, you are responsible for the cost of your race entry. Race entries may be paid in either cash or check made out to Northeastern University. Following two race scratches without valid reasons, you are suspended from racing for the remainder of the season.   Uniforms If you borrow a uniform from the Club Running team to race, and either do not give that uniform back within a week or lose it entirely, you are responsible for the cost of the uniform: $30.   Injury If you are significantly injured or sick you should not practice or race until you are well. If you become unable to run while out on a run or in a race, you create a hazardous situation for both yourself and your team.   Misconduct If you misconduct yourself while at practice or a race you will at minimum be suspended from Club Running for the remainder of the season. Misconduct includes behaving in an unsafe manner, disrespecting fellow club members, and representing the team or school in a negative way, and is up to the discretion of the captains.   Dues Dues are to be paid per semester and are non-refundable. You may, however, pay non-racing dues and upgrade to racing dues at any time throughout the semester.