Name: Brendan Hehir
Position: President
Year: Middler
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Tappan, NY

Hey there, I’m Brendan and I’m fired up to be your spring 2020 President! I’ve been with the crew since freshman year and my favorite part about this team is hammering miles with my best friends every day at practice! When I’m not running I can be found getting after it in the classroom or watching the Nets or Jets lose a game. My biggest goal as President is to make being apart of this team as enjoyable for you as it is for me, so please reach out with any suggestions or questions you may have!
Name: Tom Hinds
Position: Vice President
Year: Middler
Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Hi everyone, I’m Tom and I’ll be your VP this season! I’ve been with the team since my first week at Northeastern, and in that time I’ve raced everything from the 60m dash to the marathon. Mostly though, I specialize in the 800 and the mile and will be making the middle distance workouts this spring, so please feel free to reach out to me for questions about that! Outside of running, I really enjoy hiking and cycling and am always looking for ways to get outside more. Looking forward to a great season!
Name: Rose McDonnell
Position: Secretary
Year: Sophomore
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Hometown: Ardmore, PA

Hi all! Rose here. Your clumsy, spacey, smiley secretary this spring. I hope you’re as excited as I am for this season! I joined club running last fall and it has been an amazing ride so far. My passion for running has grown with the supportive group that motivates me at every practice and race. Something I’m especially looking forward to this spring is training for my first marathon and hopefully finishing it so I can check it off my bucket list. I’m also looking forward to planning some memorable events, so please reach out if you have any recommendations!
Name: Tony Cusato
Position: Treasurer
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Guilderland, NY

Hey everyone, my name’s Tony and I’ll be your Treasurer for Spring 2020. I’m excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to see what our team accomplishes this year! I joined NUCR as a freshman and it really helped me through the transition into college. The amazing people I’ve met through this team have made it an integral part of my time at Northeastern. If you can’t find me doing something NUCR related, I’m probably sleeping, eating, or playing Wii Sports. Aside from the logistical treasurer stuff, I’d love to help NUCR be as welcoming and fun as it was when I first joined. See ya at practice!
Name: Jada Meadows
Position: Sprint Captain
Year: Middler
Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown: Saranac Lake, NY

Hi everyone! I’m Jada and I’ll be your sprint captain for the spring! I joined NUCR spring of my freshman year but have been running track since third grade! This club has such a fun team dynamic and I’ve loved getting to know everyone at track meets, practices, and various club activities throughout the semester. You’ll most likely find me at Amelia’s, Rebecca’s, Snell or Behrakis, but you’ll probably see me running from track practice to Greek Sing rehearsals from time to time as well! I love to teach people how to use starting blocks so hit me up if you want to learn!
Name: Vinny Castronuovo
Position: Distance Captain
Year: Sophomore
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Carmel, NY

Hey guys, I’m Vinny and I’ll be doing the distance-y stuff this semester! I’m the guy who makes the distance workouts and the race schedule, and I’m also a good person to talk to about injuries since I’ve had quite a few. I’ve been running since freshman year of high school and on this club since freshman year here. I’m excited to be dedicating so much of my time to running and this club, so feel free to talk to me if you have a club running related question or just want to talk about running!
Name: Maddi Doherty
Position: SID
Year: Middler
Major: Physical Therapy
Hometown: Sturbridge, MA

Hi guys! I’m Maddi, and I’ll be taking on the role of SID this season! I joined club running my freshman year, and since then I’ve been persuaded to go outside my comfort zone of mid-distance track racing to try new things, like running two half marathons with the club! I like running almost as much as I love the sound of my own voice, eating Amelia’s, and complaining to anyone who will listen about my pre-race anxiety. Looking forward to an awesome season with you all!