The NU Club Running team welcomes runners of many levels and experience. If you are wondering if this club is right for you, read through the FAQs to get more information. We are part of the National Intercollegiate Running Club Association (NIRCA) and USA Track and Field (USATF). We compete with other collegiate clubs and Division 3 varsity teams. If you are a former cross-country and/or track athlete or just love to run, this club team is right for you! In the fall we compete in both cross country invitationals sponsored by NIRCA and local road races. Race distances range from 5 km road races to 6 km/8 km cross country races to half/full marathons. In the spring we compete in indoor/outdoor track meets and road races. This club is a great way to make friends with people who run at your level. You do not have to compete in races to be part of our club. We welcome members who just want a fun group of friends to go on runs with as well! We celebrate diversity and welcome all backgrounds, religions, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender expressions.   Founders Jason Portner — Co-Founder (2009-2012) Brian Boudreau — Co-Founder (2009-2012) Navin Nathan — Co-Founder (2009-2012) Elizabeth Yakaboski — Co-Founder (2009-2012)  

Previous Captains Sean Marden — Officer (2012) Dan Michaud — Officer (2012) Ross MacAndrew — Officer (2013) Josh Johnson — Officer (2013) Matt Esposito — Officer (2013) Kevin Schubert — Officer (2013) Jobin Abraham — Officer (2013) Lindsay Weigel — Officer (2014) Peter Clarke — Officer (2014) Pat Scullion — Officer (2015) James MacArthur — Officer (2015) Ryan Derosier — Officer (2015) Cindy France — Officer (2016) Georgia Houghton — Officer (2016) Logan Wilson — Officer (2016) Marie Mitchell — Officer (2016) Alicia Dias — Officer (2017) Abby Paglia–Officer (2017) Rick Anderson–Officer (2017) Kyle Lorden–Officer (2017) Chelsea Wojeski — Officer (2018) Jeff Kan — Officer (2018) Andres Pinedo — Officer (2019) Luke Janik — Officer (2019) Gabby Rao — Officer (2019) Erin Dillman — Officer (2019) Wes Baranowski — Officer (2019)

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